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Ahle Sunnah Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. This project aims at establishing clear, decisive, authoritative, true, unbiased and a complete encyclopedia of Islam and it's actual beliefs.

It is further aimed at protecting the Beliefs (Aqaid) of Ahle Sunna wal Jamaat ie the Jamaat who follows the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu alihay wassalm and the sunnah of his blessed Companions, Allah is well-pleased with them all by providing true and relevant information from well known and authentic sources of information. For this purpose it shall also promote sharing translated versions of books along with their originals, subject to the approval of publishers, for the benefit of the Ummah and the mankind in general. This shall also assist in referencing and verifying the information.

It aims at clearing all the misconceptions, confusions, dissensions and ignorance rampant among the Muslims and help them realize the true path to glory and success. This is an attempt to promote, publish and spread the correct Islamic faith and to to instill humanistic moral values among Muslims with which they can become model citizens of the world and compete with the challenges of modern life according to the principles laid down by Islam.

This Wiki shall encourage community contribution and will keep a check on the material provided by verifying the sources of information. Improvements shall continue along the path by correcting mistakes, if any, and acting on suggestions and feedback by the users.

Contributions, suggestions and feedback shall always be welcome.

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